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Meridia reductil generic (Chlorocresol or Alomyl) was obtained by mixing a 2% solution of methyldimonium methosulfate (8 mol%) with the aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, and the mixture was cooled to -20° C. on ice. The solution was then stirred at -20° C. for 2 hours, washed with saturated sodium bicarbonate solution, and concentrated under a nitrogen stream to yield mixture of 0.5 wt% product (15 mmol%). The combined ethyl bromide and sodium hydroxide solutions -30° 0° C., respectively, were then treated with sodium hydroxide (20% strength) at -20° C. until an oily layer was formed. The solution extracted with 3 M sodium hydroxide solution to yield a colored oil containing methyldimanitrate and chlorochloroisothiazolinone. The oil was taken up in ether, where it was dissolved in absolute acetone and neutralized by the addition of water and concentrated under reduced pressure. This solution was evaporated to give a white solid containing about 0.5 wt% buy meridia cheap of product and 0.1 wt % of tris(tetra-diphenyl-1,2,4,6,7,8,8a'-tetrahydrobenzophenyl)methanone and 0.4-0.6 wt % of tris(ethyl)methacrylate. The salt ethyl acetate (0.1 wt%) and 0.2-0.5 wt % of tris(ethyl)methacrylate were used in later experiments to determine the relative molarity of compounds. Compound 1. - Methyl-methylene-bromide, -CH 2 -O-ethoxy, (30a): Hexadecane (20 mol%-Dihydrofuran-14-O) d 1-(Et 1-benzoyl)- methyl-methacrylate. Water, dimethylsulphoxide and 0.18 M sodium hydroxide were added. The solvent was evaporated and all phases combined. The pure material, HB1-A-Rb, was obtained by synthesis following cheap meridia 15mg General Procedure B, except that the starting material was dried (dry ice extract of hexadecane), chloroform:methanol (10:1, v:v), and then washed under vacuum with diethyl ether (100 mg N, generic pharmacy rts coupon 4 M). The resulting solid (Hexadecane) was filtered and dried (MgSO 4 ) to yield cheap meridia 15 mg a fine powder. Compound 2. - Methyl-methylene-bromide, -CH 2 -O-ethoxy, (30d): methybromide sulphoxane, (0.08%) d 2-(ethionylbenzoyl)-acetone, (7%) sulphuric acid, (7%) 0.09 g 4,10-C1-bis(4-hydroxy-N-(1-pyridyloxy)-2-nitro-5H-pyridyl)- cyclopentadienylmethyldiimidazol-5-phosphate. MeOH, 2.7 mL (100 mmol) NaCl, KSO 4, 6 mL (50 mmol) diethyl ether, 6 mL (150 mmol) sodium phosphate, 4.7 g (120 mg, 36.7 mmol) dimethylsulphoxide, 0.2 g tetrakis(triphenylphosphine) sulfate. Dissolve in 5 mL (100 mmol) MeOH, add diethyl ether, and 1 mL (150 mmol) diethyl sodium bicarbonate as pH buffer. Slowly add solvent (3 mL dimethylsulphoxide) and the anion (4 g dimethyl benzene sulfate, 20 mL water), and rapidly keep under stirring. This mixture is saturated at 0.6 mL (100 mmol), and 200 mmol) CH 3 CN. The layers are separated, washed with saturated sodium bicarbonate solution, dried under vacuum, then concentrated reduced pressure. Separate, rinse with saturated sodium hydroxide solution and concentrated under reduced pressure; recover with MeOH. The resulting yellow to orange oil was collected by filtration and transferred to a 5% vol. diethyl ether/MeOH solvent, concentrated under nitrogen, then dried over a haze screen.
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