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Buying lorazepam online uk [20:34:40] jim looks like an overpaid intern [20:34:46] Kreygasm that is just *** [20:34:47] Kappa <%Shroomfive> [20:34:47] Rotti i didnt bet, but my friends did... [20:34:48] Kappa // [20:34:49] <+Pharaphobia> I want to see TLO's face when i win a lot [20:34:50] it was only for his face [20:34:51] <%Baneladen> KappaHD <+Itsecuritytv> ohhhh. looks like your dad played the drums [20:34:52] aviDoge [20:34:54] TLO Canada pharmacy free shipping coupon code = TheFork ? [20:34:54] TLO has to keep practising so his face doesn't turn red. He really needs to get with this beard. But I want to watch him win, he looks like a confident kid [20:34:54] aviDoge [20:34:56] lol at the chat [20:34:56] aviDoge [20:34:59] Avilo is very confident at the moment so he has no fear [20:34:59] aviDoge VIEWERS: 16,512 [20:35:01] [20:35:03] aviDoge <@Stim_pack> [20:35:04] <+Itsecuritytv> kappa [20:35:06] aviDoge [20:35:07] BAN: Eruptivezerg is that the aviDoge thing he told you about? [20:35:08] Is that a chat link you drugstore employee discount can find? [20:35:08] BAN: Itsecuritytv Kappa/ [20:35:10] aviDoge Kippa [20:35:16] <%Fupeleth> Is it just me or are some people having the chat crash? BibleThump [20:35:20] <@%+Nathanias> This chat is so slow [20:35:21] Avilo's face needs beard [20:35:21] <%Seika_> @Codonbyte yes but aviDoge is used as the Kappa face [20:35:30] He has no fear at all. [20:35:31] !bracket [20:35:32] aviDoge Kappa [20:35:33] no brackets, too much chatroom clutter [20:35:38] He's never been one for shyness before he became a professional [20:35:39] Kappow Kappa // [20:35:40] !brackets <@Moobot>> http://wcs.battle.net/sc2/en/brackets [20:35:41] AviDoge = Avilo (NoSpace) TheFork [20:35:41] <@%+Nathanias> I thought we had them prebuied up for WCS in December, they are only on EU servers [20:35:42]
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