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Buy valium london uk 30 1/12/2013 13:34:26 20 23 10 White Male England 2 A bit older than I can be to appreciate it, I've only been on it like 10 days - have looked it up on the subreddit and I'm very impressed :) I would rather have more time to focus on trying and growing my own I would rather drink black coffee with a friend and some tea at point, because I'm a big coffee Valium 10mg 90 $260.00 $2.89 $234.00 drinker lol but really I don't care too much about stuff like that and I'm not a morning person haha yes for sure 31 1/12/2013 15:49:16 21 13 10 White Male United States 1 I love this drug because once it starts getting bad I've decided to actually enjoy watching my friend become addicted and feel bad that I didn't do enough to help him Stay up so late? I would be down cant even sleep! Be out on a holiday or business trip and can't watch TV alone as a result It was one of the only drugs which I made friends with, was great. I'm going to make the trip with everyone from when this happened and see how it goes. yes yeah that may have been the best year in my life because there are only three drugs I would get with: - ecstasy - cocaine - marijuana Yes maybe 32 1/12/2013 18:19:15 31 18 21 Male United States 2 The first experience with mdma i ever had was during a "break" from highschool between 6th and 7th grade, i didn't really care about it back then because i had friends like that and the others i knew were also involved in it, but it actually had a drastic effect on my life. 1) I stopped smoking pot and became an instant addict of ecstasy pills. 2) I was forced to start taking classes at a new school every week... and I quit for a while and was pretty much sulfate free drugstore shampoo brands screwed. We were forced to make up the work we didn't get to do. But then that was the high for a year and half it was fun. The only problem is I haven't really looked for any kind of replacement. If one day they give me the "magic pill", I'll quit after that haha. but I would gladly go with that instead. I would always like to have friends, but I would rather make my friends happy than the right ones. I'm not quite sure how to answer that question really. I do have one that can agree on, the answer is "everyday of week". I have a strong desire to be with another person, but I also understand that other people would want to hang out with me or be and I don't know how to deal with that. Also at this point in my life, life is so chaotic. I would say that's the part I enjoy most and find interesting. I'm sure I'll become addicted again soon, and I think my friends would too. If I stopped now maybe it wouldn't be so easy for me to return my old life.. but you never know 333 1/13/2013 11:11:07 23 27 10 White Female Canada 3 Just an all around chill pill I try to take 1 day a week, I've done couple times but I just don't love it enough Not really a thing yet But i'd love if MDMA became a pill just to get rid of the stuff I'm allergic to 34 1/13/2013 20:20:33 19 26 15 White Male UK 4 Used a dose at 18 and it was absolutely massive. went through 1 week in my room while we were away on holiday and my mum didn't notice! I was also only a freshman of 16. I haven't missed it one single time since. Not sure if I would ever, definitely like it. 35 1/14/2013 21:13:03 23 21 20 White Male Canada 4 I enjoy it a great deal! The only side effect I've suffered from is the urge to go binge eat. The fact that MDMA is illegal in the Xanax vendita on line UK ridiculous and is an example of why the "War on Drugs" is such a waste of taxpayers' money. 36 1/14/2013 23:05:00 19 18 Male UK 6 37 1/15/2013 0:22:52 20 28 White Male United States 2 38 1/15/2013 3:05:26 30 15 28 Male United States 20 I came from taking ecstasy (MDMA) on a monthly basis prior to this. We went a small bar known for having a "party atmosphere" and decided to go there hang out with a bunch of other college students. I don't usually have any problems staying awake during an 8-hour driving trip. I took mda for my first time and immediately began having what appeared to.
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Buy valium in the uk. It could have gone down to £5 a bottle in the UK 90s. As far i can remember, noone seems to have bought that much valium in the 90s. I'd imagine it was like a 50/50 split, with lot of people using it. I think valium was a fairly strong narcotic, but I've never taken so much as a pill. I have to say don't think it was as bad opiates (like methadone), but I haven't used any of those myself (nor have I ever tried to). I'm not really interested, personally, in how addictive it was as an effect, I'd rather not know (though I have a friend who's tried it and he's not much different, just like me). I know one friend who used it like a crack cocaine habit, so I understand that some may find it very appealing, and I also know that some people have said they didn't realise that were on it for so long before getting into trouble as a result. I'm a bit interested in whether or not this was the start of what would become a worldwide epidemic, but I'd say this might well have been an exception. This has been a bit more of rant than I normally write. thought it was time to get something off my chest. I'm not sure this will ever be put in words this forum, maybe I will one day. The fact that it was in the news shows that I'm not the only one who thought it was a bit much, and I am also not the only person who is aware of how many other people would agree with me. I think that was the most depressing thing about it: I had a feeling that no one else in the world would have been as sickened or shocked I was by the news. It wasn't just about me, but my friends and country as a whole.This is why I'm here.The whole thing got me thinking how addictive the internet has to be these days keep everyone hooked on it, and how many people could have easily died. This is something that's very important to me and will be important to me for the rest of my life: I'm trying not to get into drug trouble. I've been on the internet for over 10 years now, and I've never had a drug problem (nor have I had problems with my parents, teachers, etc), but I do know that drugs are everywhere today. I was in a situation recently where I had no idea to get more drugs, I wanted it so bad that I had to go the dealer and buy it myself. I think is important to realise that there are plenty of places you can buy stuff online, and that there is a drug problem out there that can kill a lot of people.I didn't buy valium from online drug dealers in that situation, but if this was the start of a drug epidemic we could all be paying for it with our lives. That would be an epidemic, that'd a problem. This would be problem for the police, that's only thing they could blame. It would be a problem for the drug companies, that's only thing they'd want to protect. And it would be a problem for everyone, who might find themselves in that situation.This is just one side of things, though, and is just one case of a huge number people getting into trouble. There may be some people who are more addicted than others, of course, but I've seen no research about that. I think most people would agree that any number of substances, including alcohol and drugs, are more likely to cause problems than they're worth. This goes for the people who have tried them and got into trouble too (if you know someone who's gone on to become addicted something, please pass this on and help them).If we do start a drug epidemic, we'll be responsible for the deaths and injuries misery. If we don't start an epidemic, then the drug problem will continue and we'll have to deal with the consequences. This is reality that we have to face.